For over 30 years All Victoria Vacuums has been the one stop shop for vacuum sales and repairs in the Victoria area. Featuring portable, central, and commercial vacuums we are confident we can find a product to meet your cleaning needs.
Miele canister vacuum cleaners are quiet, stylish, incredibly powerful and are now available at All Victoria Vacuums. We are pleased to announce we are now an authorized Miele vacuum sales and service center. Inventory has arrived so be sure to check in for introductory specials!
Everything a good vacuum cleaner should be.
And much more.

The SEBO Airbelt D4 is equipped with many extras that make your life easier.

The SEBO Airbelt D4 embodies the quality you expect from a "Made in Germany" product. Every detail expresses the highest quality, modern design reliability, and the standard features SEBO customers throughout the world have come to expect.
You'll know you're working with a remarkable machine.
With up to 5 times the cleaning power of a conventional vacuum, Cana-Vac  central vacuums are a powerful cleaning choice for any home. Built in Canada, built to last.
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1400 Hillside Ave, Victoria B.C. V8T 2B7  PH 250-595-2622  E-Mail All Victoria Vacuums
Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:30 Saturday - 10:00 - 5:00
Sunday - Closed

Some fans are quiet but weak. Others are powerful but noisy. The New Dyson Cool Fans are quiet and powerful!

AM06 12" Fans $349.00
AM07 Tower Fan $449.00
2 year warranty.
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